About the blog

This blog is about conscious business. What is that? For me, it’s:

  • an approach – how we go about running our businesses;
  • the results we get – business that meets a balanced set of goals.

Business, of course, is as old as the hills. But it’s also changing – updating itself  to meet the needs of 21st century society and 21st century people.

I think it’s becoming more conscious – as we examine and re-examine our deepest goals, and how we go about things.

Business is also becoming more social. Social enterprise and social business are becoming much more widely understood. In my view they’re great, but different from conscious business. Both seem to me to put the emphasis on the social aspect, ahead of the business aspect. While conscious business, for me, is business where the meaningful, purposeful, ethical and aware part is in balance with the business part. Both have an equal place.

One important challenge, therefore, is to explore, develop and retain that balance.

That’s not an easy challenge. Sometimes it may be easier to run a purely profit-maximising business. Or even a purely socially-motivated one.

This blog is a place to explore how to achieve that balance, and to:

  • Understand better some of the fundamentals of business and business thinking – the paradigms we (sometimes unconsciously) adopt around business.
  • Understand how consciousness, ethics and values can add strength, resilience and value to a business.
  • Discuss what works and doesn’t work in growing and developing a more conscious business.
  • Find and celebrate examples of good experimentation and best practice – where conscious business activity is well underway.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions on posts; my ideal is for this site to become a collaborative effort that helps us all.

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