About me

My name is Pete Burden.

I am a non-executive director, business consultant and coach based in Brighton: the digital media capital of the UK. I work with the owners and directors of small and medium-sized companies in both digital media and other industries.

I have nearly 30 years of working experience. I studied psychology at University and started out working in comouter networking. I then worked for some years as a consultant for a large very successful and innovative US company – Digital Equipment – working on some great projects for many of the world’s leading companies. I ended up helping build a 70-strong consultancy business in London.

I then spent many years working on several startups mainly around what we now call digital media and CSR – and a number of corporate projects – including helping set up BBC News Online. I moved to Brighton in 2000 and set up the Hub 100, a network for the MDs of high growth companies.

I had kids fairly late in life and since then I have “down-shifted” a bit at a personal level. I now work with the MDs and owners of small (5-100 employees), innovative companies based in Brighton and around, something I have always wanted to do. I help their companies grow and develop in strength.

I have always loved to challenge (business) people and their ideas. My aim is help people realise that becoming more conscious in their business and their personal lives is really worthwhile, and to decide to change things. I then do my best to support them through that change, whatever it may require.

I have always been interested in modern, progressive, democratic, social and sustainable business. This is something I think the world needs right now.

I work with a number of other non-execs, business consultants and business coaches. You can find out more about me at www.linkedin.com and some of the company I keep at www.seestep.com.



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